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Systems thinking, respecting the Yarra River, and the future of water stewardship at the Water Innovation Lab Australia 2018.

What is the water innovation lab, and what is systems thinking? What does the future of water management look like?

Life after Covid-19: Remote working in a post lock-down world

I haven’t had much time of late, in between being both parent and teacher, so I’m grateful I don’t also have to also fulfill the demands of paid employment right now. I have, however, had time to observe friends and ex colleagues who do have to manage this crazy trifecta. Here’s what I’ve found…

Water and Religion – reflections on Eid

Today marks the end of the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan, Eid-al-fitri, Aidilfitri, Idul Fitri, or other variations, depending on where you’re from. It is the year 1439 AH, marking the number of years since 622 AD – when the Prophet Muhammad and his followers journeyed from Mecca to Media. This led me to reflect […]